Newsday Charities helps create a better tomorrow.

People in crisis may not always be recognizable. Thousands of Long Island children and families struggle with hunger, homelessness, abuse and the lack of a proper education. We’re working to change that.



A hungry child is more likely to develop health issues, have difficulty concentrating in school and struggle in social situations. We’re working to ensure that Long Island’s kids have access to nourishing meals.



A homeless child lacks stability and faces increased stress which may affect the child’s health, well-being, brain development and readiness for school. We’re working to ensure that Long Island’s kids have a stable place to call home.

Child Abuse


An abused child may experience problematic behaviors including depression, anxiety and aggression toward others. We’re working to ensure that Long Island’s kids are safe, protected and cared for.



Every child deserves a quality education. We’re working to ensure that all of Long Island’s kids have the tools they need to be successful in school.

Who We Are

Newsday Charities is committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged Long Islanders. Grants are made to local nonprofit organizations that provide vital programs in the areas of hunger, housing, youth education and child abuse prevention/treatment. Funds are raised through two public campaigns – Kids Campaign and Help-A-Family.


The Help-A-Family campaign is committed to improving the lives of Long Island’s at-risk children and families. Your gift will help provide nutritious meals, stable housing, youth educational opportunities and a haven from abuse.

Kids Campaign

Kids Campaign supports local nonprofit agencies that provide aid to vulnerable kids and their families. Our goal is that all Long Island children have a safe and stable place to call home, receive a proper education and never go to bed hungry.